Chelsea Weeks is the Principal Designer and Owner of the boutique residential design firm Moondrop Interiors, based in Los Angeles, CA.

    Chelsea’s love for interior design began at the age of 7 when she found herself single handedly disassembling her own bed and frequently redecorating her room. Growing up with a mom who loved pushing the boundaries of interior design in her own home, Chelsea found herself charmed by the world of all things creative. She grew up with an interest in the arts and received her Bachelors from The University of Arizona in Art History and Studio Art with an emphasis on drawing and painting.

    With an innate flair for combining bold patterns and colors, Chelsea channeled her creative energy towards decorating and realized a career in Interior Design was where she would make her mark in this world. After traveling the country as a decorative artist, studying at UCLA's Interior Architecture and Design Program as well as working with several Design Firms, Chelsea decided to pursue residential interior design on her own. She established Chelsea Pineda Interiors in 2011, which she renamed Moondrop Interiors in late 2016.

    With over ten years of experience in design and an extensive background in the arts, Chelsea brings an eclectic eye to her projects. By mixing touches of the classic with the edgy and the old with the new, Chelsea’s designs are well-balanced while never losing touch of her clients' individual style and personality. She sticks to her design philosophy that “design should be approachable and inviting, while still remaining chic and cool.”

    Among Chelsea's many accolades, she was most recently awarded "Best of Houzz" for both Design and Service in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Several photos of her projects were also amongst the most popular saved pictures on Houzz.com in 2016.